Reworth rewards API (0.10.1)

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John P Falcón, CTO, co-founder ReWorth:

ReWorth rewards REST API specification according to the standard OpenApi 3.0.0

The following document details the current-state of the [public] endpoints for the API, as well as the operations available and parameters that can be sent to each of them. The document also provides additional sections with available dynamic flags and filtering parameters on some of the endpoints.

The authentication endpoint returns a jwt (access token) valid for 1 week. With this token you can perform further calls to the service as long as your user role is authorized to access that resource and/or own that same resource.

  • Financial institutions have broad access to our public resources and are subject to ownership rules across the system. For a financial institution to perform requests directly to the API, an account has to be approved first by one of ReWorth's integration engineers. Once activated, the sandbox key/secret credentials can be generated directly on by going to Account settings > API keys.

  • Guests have limited to no access to the API, and can only perform read operations, such as the public offer directory or the initial authentication.

For any issues related with the integration of the rewards API please contact



Security Scheme Type HTTP
HTTP Authorization Scheme bearer
Bearer format "JWT"


General API status and service health as well as the version you are currently running

Ping check

Ping the API to check for connectivity issues. This endpoint doesn't perform any operations to the database, although it serves the purpose of checking API health status.